If you’re like most professionals, you are always looking for ways for your product or service to rise about the rest.  Join us for Center Stage and learn to speak with ease to any group.

Many professionals overlook the competitive advantage they’ll have by becoming a better speaker and presenter. The Center Stage program teaches you how to comfortably engage with people during any conversation – on camera or off. Learn how to speak with confidence, clearly communicate your message, recognize your client’s needs and solve their problems through conversation. It’s a critical set of skills for building your brand and your business.

The Center Stage program consists of two different courses:

Being able to speak with ease about your service, product or business is one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential customers and grow your business.

  • Take your speaking to the next level
  • Learn how to manage your physiology
  • End performance anxiety
  • Establish your leadership presence
  • Learn how to connect with an audience
  • Improve your content and delivery
  • Edit your content on the fly
We focus speech coaching in the following ways:

  • Understanding the key elements of speaking strategically
  • Using stories to demonstrate the value of your product or service
  • Building the connection between your product or service and business outcomes
  • Practicing how to convincingly relay how your product or service creates intangible and monetary value for your organization or your client/customer

By registering in Center Stage, you will gain the benefits of:

  • Understanding your own personal physiology
  • Enrolling people in your ideas with greater comfort
  • Mastering relational presence and how to connect with the audience
  • Writing compelling content
  • Expressing yourself authentically in the moment
  • Delivering your presentation with greater confidence
This session will increase your impact and effectiveness as a leader in an engaging and experiential session taught by Megan Heffernan and Kendall Colman, both executive coaches with Colman Coaching, the highly recognized corporate coaching firm based in Denver, Colorado.

Your session will be videotaped as a learning tool.

Colman Coaching offers an on-camera preparation course that helps you rise above the online clutter and gets you out in front of the competition with professional videos.

  • Develop your on-camera presence
  • Practice interviews for news and social media
  • Learn how to write for video conversation
  • Refine your message with motivational language
  • Help employees understand new initiatives
  • Attract new prospects to your website
  • Turn customers into loyal fans

In this workshop you’ll see the 5 most important videos that will change your business.  You’ll also learn the basics of what your video should and shouldn’t include.


  • Scripting your pitch
  • Creating your short explainer video
  • Breaking through the lens
  • On-Camera Presence
  • Video Marketing 101
  • The dos and don’ts of writing for video
  • How to use a TelePrompTer
  • Video performance coaching

Using video in emails and on websites is proving to generate sales, increase click-through rates, lower subscriber opt-out rates and elevate your presence in Internet search results.

If you aren’t already using video in your business, this workshop will prepare you and set you on your way to creating short explainer videos that will change your business like no other marketing tool available.

More and more of executives are recording video messages to communicate internally to their staff, others are making short introductory videos to introduce the world to their businesses, products or services.

And, just imagine the benefits of using video in your social media marketing. It’s free advertising without boundaries or limitations.  Now, communicating through video has never been easier.

The value to me is communication effective is a must.  Center Stage helped me change my way of thinking and the session was priceless.

Wendy StewartViaWest

It was a valuable session because everyone was so involved in the interaction.  I learned a lot of things that will help me do my job better, because of their own experiences. Today was priceless and will bring me good guidance as I continue to develop my speaking skills.

Mace MolenViaWest

The impromptu speech was great for my development.  Devoting myself to a half-day session is priceless.

Liz Moore

Putting practice into play, especially with our own accomplishments was most valuable.

ChloeDenver Downtown Partnership

Learning and understanding the levels of listening and great content was most invaluable.

Brian PhetterplaceDenver Downtown Partnership

Thanks again!  I really enjoyed the training session and feel that I will be much more confident when speaking in front of groups of people.

Julie MayCitywide Bank