Leadership Development Roundtable 

A Two-Day Thought Leadership Group for the Next Generation of Leaders

Image of smart business people looking at their leader while he explaining something on whiteboard during seminarUp and coming young leaders will face complex challenges as they move into leadership positions: they need to be prepared to handle these complexities prior to assuming increased responsibility and they need on-going guidance and support once in those positions.

The best leaders and high-performing companies understand the importance of developing an enduring and dynamic long-term leadership investment plan that prepares future leaders.   As part of their strategic plan, they continually invest in leadership development to ensure a long-term competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, most rising leaders have few real opportunities to learn about leadership after they are hired and most corporate “leadership development” programs concentrate more on the mechanics of leading instead of the real challenges leaders face.

Emerging Leaders is a two-day formal program that combines a deep and rich seminar learning environment with personal one-on-one executive coaching.

  • The formal program consists of three areas of concentration:

    • Leadership Theory and Application;
    • Professional Development;
    • Leadership Skills and Tools for Building Teams, Disciplined Execution, Strategic Communication, and Business Development

Emerging Leaders delves into why we lead the way we do and provides a broad and deep knowledge source for leaders to intentionally choose from a wider variety of leadership experiences and tools.  Young leaders will leave the program with the knowledge and ability to not only perform better, but also help others advance their leadership ability and drive organizational improvement.

leasers7Clients participating in Colman Coaching leadership development programs have:

  • Recognized, captured and integrated opportunities more quickly (and declined others because of systematic rigor and discipline)
  • Brought synergies in fractured markets through strategically confident leadership
  • Increased revenue and EBITDA by executing quickly on growth strategies and increased capacity
  • Dominated market presence/market share
  • Increased RFP’s, pricing leverage, lead generation and conversion marketing in every market
  • Improved team performance/reduced interpersonal conflicts
  • Maximized resources, prepared/trained/retained staff, reconfigured organizational/team structure
  • Developed leadership succession plans
  • Led effective change management efforts
  • Emerging Leaders is for:


    • Individual leaders who want to become better leaders
    • Mid-level managers seeking to move into leadership positions
    • Organizations that want to develop the next generation of leaders
    • Small business owners who want to improve their leadership skills
    • Start-ups ready to take their next step

You can be assured that your fellow participants are familiar through comparable experience, with your challenges and concerns — and that their suggestions and feedback are based on their real-world experiences.

To ensure participants have the optimum background to benefit from the program, admission is by application only.

 $1499.00 per person

Includes all Meals, Assessments, Strategic Pre/Post Program Coaching Session (with Boss) and Materials