Exceed All Expectations with Center Stage Public Speaking Program

Half Day Program – January 12, 2017

Would you like your presentation to be remembered with greater impact?

Join us for this game changing half-day program. Among the results to be achieved are these key skills and behaviors:

  • How to master the writing process and develop content that stands out from the typical fare.
  • How to identify the big idea in your speech and carefully craft the promise that you deliver to your audience.
  • How to transform the energy of negative language into the power of positive speech.
  • How to speak under pressure, with natural humor and still deliver a well-rehearsed presentation.
  • How to prepare and practice content for memory, minimizing dependency on notes.
  • How to use relational presence as a way to connect with the audience and watch um’s and ahh’s drop away.
  • How to be on point, on brand and on time.
  • How to manage physiology (performance anxiety of any kind) for the various types of speaking events.

This is where Colman Coaching comes in.  

Join us January 12, 2017
8:30am-12:30 pm
Downtown Denver
Host Sponsor: Bryan Cave
1700 Lincoln St, #4100
Denver, CO 80203
$399 Investment

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