• Are you a reputable coach? Have you helped other people successfully?
  • Do you have the education, experience, and background I need?
  • Do you know what you’re talking about?
  • Do you understand my needs, and have you helped others with similar needs?
  • Do you speak confidently?
  • Do your answers to my questions reveal deep knowledge of the subject?
  • Do you ask knowledgeable and insightful questions of me?
  • Have you worked in my industry or company before?


  • Are you honest and worthy of trust? Will you always tell me the truth?
  • Do you keep your promises and commitments? Will you do what you say you will do and deliver what you promise?
  • Will you be candid with me, even if it means giving me bad news?
  • Will you treat me fairly?
  • Will you look out for my interests? Will you do what’s right for me?
  • Will you avoid surprising me with problems or costs that I hadn’t counted on?
  • Will you be confidential? Will you be discreet?
  • Will you be there when I need you?


  • Do we have any commonalities? Do we share the same values, perspectives and attitudes?
  • Are you interested in my industry? Are we curious about the same things? Do we have insights to share with each other?
  • Do you understand my operating style and preferences, and are you willing to adapt? Will you work with me the way I want? Will you communicate with me the way I like to communicate?
  • Do you know what’s important to me, what my priorities are?
  • Do I enjoy working with you, not just because you’re a nice person and we have some common personal interests, but because you add value to me?
  • Do I like you? Would I enjoy being in your company?


  • Who are you? Tell me about yourself and your organization.
  • What would you like to know about me?
  • Why do you want coaching? Why now?
  • How important is coaching to you?
  • What do you expect from the coaching?